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Máquina de costura linear de alta velocidade XDB-1H
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Máquina de costura linear de alta velocidade XDB-1H

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  • XDB-1H
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Máquina de costura linear de alta velocidade XDB-1H

Características técnicas

1.      Flexible fixture positioning can be combined with a variety of different styles

2.      The most advanced operating structure design, low noise, high stability

3.      The whole machine adopts humanized design concept, simple and easy to operate

4.      Invention patent design, the most user-friendly bottom thread threading, easy to change crochet

5.      Broken thread detector, automatic shutdown of upper thread or bottom thread

6.      Automatic shutdown when raw materials are used up

7.      Automatic fabric tightening device

8.      The wearing parts are treated with abrasion resistance to improve the service life rate

9.      Using touch screen control, stitch step and speed data are adjusted by the display

10.  Servo motor drive, stable operation, high efficiency and precision

11. All motors and electrical appliances adopt international brands, which is convenient for purchasing and after-sales

12. World brand Electrical:

France Schneider PLC

Japan NSK Bearing

Japan Omron Photoelectric Switch

Taiwan Airtac pneumatic original

Taiwan Delta Servo Motors and Drivers

Especificação técnica

Modelo XDB-1H 
Number of needles 65
Maximum speed 1200RPM
Needle step 2-5mm
Needle pitch 6.35mm
Sewing width  406.4mm
Fabric width 500mm
Sewing thickness  5-35mm
Maximum speed 1200RPM
Total weight 400KG
Total power 2KW
Dimensions 2500*1200*1800MM
Voltage 1 phase 220v 50HZ

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